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Hi there!

Are you ready?

Never in history have we been concerned so much with our home planet, and never has the mankind destroyed so intensively natural sources unlikely our grandparents did in the past. After all, do we really want to save our lives and go on or destroy ourselves because we don’t like to live anymore? Is it a hard question to answer or a hard decision to take? What is better: life or money or both of them?

Since money talks, shouldn’t we use it to help us do the job? That is, money itself, or changed into credit or prestige, as a currency to be exchanged by good work or something related to the whole mission.

What I suggest is not only to punish the transgressor but to encourage good actions in this sense.

Let’s fulfill our minds with ideas concerned with life on Earth. Give life a chance and you’ll be blessed!

Are you ready to help yourself?

Thank you very much!




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